Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Surely, You Jest.

That's the response on of my military commanders would use when I'd come at him with some hair-brained scheme.  "Surely, you jest."  I knew then that it was time to back up and reconsider.

But, it seems that a court in Portland has decided that a person can now be "legally genderless", whatever that means.
People are free to believe anything they wish in the United States. Irrational ideas only become an issue when they impact our legal system, since that means they have the potential to enforce the stupid on the rest of us.
For example, a judge in Portland has ruled that an individual is now legally "genderless":
"Surely you jest," I thought when I read that paragraph, but then realized that hizzoner did not jest at all.  He actually believes that we're supposed to take that ruling seriously.

Well, hizzoner is wrong.  And, in Portland at least, the law is now officially an ass.

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