Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cleaning a Patio

Like many of you, PawPaw has a patio.  We spent a lot of time out there.  Cats, dogs, visitors, kids and grandkids, we like to hang out on the patio.  I've expanded it twice over the years, and it catches a fair amount of debris.  Every so often, it needs a good, thorough cleaning.

Also like many people, I have a small, residential pressure washer.  Mine runs 2.3 gallons per minute at 2700 psi.  When I use the pressure washer, overspray is a problem.  Water splashes everywhere, normally throwing debris on walls, support posts and ceilings.  That ain't good, because I've got to wash everything two or three times before I'm finished.

So, I cast about for a solution.  As it turns out, they make this thing called a surface cleaner. The one I bought looks like this:

It clips on to the end of the wand with a standard quick-disconnect. Overspray is virtually eliminated.  Underneath, the device has a rotating nozzle where water sprays out in a high-speed circular motion, lifting dirt and grime off the surface without blowing it on to your walls , ceilings, or fences.

Here's a video showing it in action.

This thing works as advertised, and has the PawPaw seal of approval.  Our patio is approximately 10 X 40 and I gave it a thorough surface cleaning yesterday.  From the time I started moving furniture until Belle gave it her approval was about 90 minutes.  Not a bad job at all.


BobF said...

Have one. Be ready to take the nozzles off and run a very small piece of wire in to push the dirt back out. No idea how it gets in there, but it does. That thing saves a lot of time doing sidewalks and driveways.

Old NFO said...

Hrmmm... Gotta find me one of those.