Friday, March 10, 2017


It's the second day in a row that we've seen something truly idiotic from Jennifer.  Today, she takes the cake.  I'm really not sure if Jennifer is a person, or simply a meme.  You decide.

Yep, Jennifer, that would be a great idea.  Pepper-spray someone legally carrying a gun.  Then, when you try to take his gun, you will have committed the second felony of the day.  When the police show up, it may not go as you have planned it.

That is, if you're not shot in the scuffle.  I'm just sayin'.


Old NFO said...

Oh wow... Really?

Joe Mama said...

If you read the comments:

You will see that she intends to be serious..i.e., not satire

Jonathan H said...

it shows the real mind of liberals - they are for using violence and force to make people do what they want, regardless of the law, which they only have respect for when it helps their position.