Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday Random Thoughts

I've been doing a little reading, between helping people today.

What is the proper role of a local police agency in the 21st century?  The role of police agencies has changed over the years, as well as the public expectations of a local police agency.  This deserves more study, and it deserves the philosophical thought that such questions require.

Body Armor (Kevlar vests).  You'd think hat after all these years, I'd get used to wearing the damned things. You'd be wrong.  It feels just as foreign and unfamiliar to me today as it did the first day I wore one.  I hate the damned things with all my heart.  I know all the good reasons for wearing it, and I don't need you to remind me.  Still, I hate the damned thing.  Body Armor will be one of the things I do not miss about police work.


John said...

I was in a convenience store last week and I mentioned to a uniformed officer passing by, retirement means no body armor.

Anonymous said...

A buddy was in a crater on Hill 881 RVN some years back when a mortar round dropped in to keep him company. Blew some plates right out of his flak jacket. Armor might be a PIA, but when you need it, you REALLY NEED it.

Grumpy OldMan said...

I live in the Houston area and I would hate to have to wear something that thick in our summers (10 months long). Even in the "winters", it might be too warm to wear.

I spent a month in the UK and Ireland last year and the attitude of the police there is completely different than the attitude of the police here in the US. There is a lot more of an adversarial attitude with the police here. Over there, it seemed like the police actually wanted to *help* people. But then again, those Brits are just so damn polite that even if they were arresting you, they would apologize for it and you would be thanking them for it. :)