Friday, March 31, 2017


It seems that Congress is returning power to the states.  Good for them.
WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans, aided by Vice President Mike Pence and an ailing Georgia colleague who gingerly made his way to the Capitol with the aid of a wheelchair and a walker, voted Thursday to undo an Obama administration rule preventing states from blocking funding for family planning clinics that also provide abortions.
Our nation was founded on the concept of federalism, where states are allowed to set their own rules.  While I may disagree with the decisions a state makes, I certainly can't disagree with their right to make that decision.  I realize that there are two sides to every argument,

There are, of course, some rights that cannot be infringed, but I'm an originalist, and from my reading of the founding documents, I don't see any right in this legislation that forbids a state from making that decision.

Let Freedom Ring.

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Jonathan H said...

Even during the Civil War, most people referred to "These United States" by 1890 people universally used "The United States". The difference is telling and shows the change in how people thought of the country.