Thursday, September 06, 2012

In God We Trust

The Democratic National Convention continues to provide light comic relief, to include the vote yesterday on whether to include God in their platform.  Seriously.  The vote is subject to claim, but it's telling that they voted three times without a clear majority, and the chair decided that the motion had passed.  This is high political theater at its best.

So, now, the Democratic Party is on record, voting against God three times.  There's some biblical reference there, and the story of Jesus will tell it.  However, Adam West, a staunch conservative currently in an election campaign is quick to capitalize on the godless Democrats.

Tonight, our President will take the (considerable smaller) stage and lay out his plan for the next four years.  Hopefully that will include his plan to leave Washington in early 2013 and retire to Hawaii.  That's my idea of his best plan to get the country back on track.

Godless Democrats.  Heh!

1 comment:

Termite said...

I can remember when people used to say "Godless Communists."
Now, it's Godless DEmocrats......