Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taxes For Everyone

That seems to be the proposal of one candidate in Virginia.  Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine says that he would be comfortable with a proposal for a "minimum tax level for everyone".

Well, hell, Tim, so would I.  Let's get that 47% paying their fair share.  It's a great idea, and with bipartisan support, we might be able to get the deficit down to some rational level.  Like zero.
Instapundit has more thoughts, and he proposed them almost four years ago.
On a related note, I think we should rethink this business of having lots of Americans who don't pay income tax. As theTax Foundationcomments: "It is time for a serious public discussion of whether it is desirable to have so many Americans disconnected from the cost of government and what the consequences are of using the tax system as a vehicle for social policy."
Personally, I'd like to see everyone pay at least some income tax, and I'd like to see the amount of tax paid, by everyone, go up or down every year in tandem with federal spending. That would encourage fiscal discipline directly. It would also make it harder for politicians to promise everybody a free lunch, but hey -- why shouldn't they sacrifice something, too?
I concur. It sounds like an idea with broad bipartisan support. Let's get behind it.


Old NFO said...

Agree completely over here too!

Gaffer said...

The idea has my vote, but in order to get to get my vote we will have to replace just about 100% of our politicians (and most likely the dominant political oarties
But it is an achievable goal that won't be supported by the 47%

Gerry Nygaard said...

Here in Washington State, we have no state income tax, a very burdinsome property tax, an extremely regressive Business and Occupation tax levied on the gross income of a business, not the net. and a sales tax which varies from location to location, There's also a clever little bit of extortion on out of Stater's. An extortionate sales tax on restaurants. hotels, motels, private campgrounds and B&B's. The reasoning behind it is if the mark is from out of state he can't do anything about it. It sucks in state residents as well, especially if one enjoys a meal out once in a while, or goes to a school football or basketball game on the other side of the mountains.

I'm beginning to think all politicians should be sent to prison if their net worth is five % or more higher at the end of their term than at the beginning and former puplic employees cannot run for office until they have been in the private sector for fifteen years, thirty for those in management positions.