Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So, it appears that our ambassador to Libya was killed this morning, or Tuesday depending on the source, in what some are calling a coordinated attack on our embassy.
"This was a coordinated attack, more of a commando style event. It had both coordinated fire, direct fire, indirect fire," (Congressman Mike) Rogers said following an intelligence briefing on Capitol Hill.
Really. A coordinated attack. It also looks like he was sold out by his contract security staffers. I saw a report earlier that there were no Marines on the compound, that someone had opted for local contract security and that they sold out the ambassador.

 I blame Hillary Clinton for this fiasco. We should have a platoon of Marines stationed at every embassy in the world.  But, in the meantime we should give the Libyan government about a month to trot out the guilty parties and hang them in the streets.  Then, give them another 30 days to convert to Christianity.  Better yet, 30 days to convert the whole country to Judaism. If they fail at either task, begin immediate arc-light strikes across Benghazi.  Keep it up until the rubble is thoroughly turned and the population is dead.  Then salt the earth.

Killing an ambassador is way beyond the pale.  It looks as if these bastards want a holy war.  I say that we give them one.


Rivrdog said...

Word is, guided rockets were used to target the citadel. These were some of the heavy weapons that we were assured "did not fall into radical hands".

Gaffer said...

The site of the murder was a consulate, and it's not usual for Marines to be stationed at a consulates.
I'm sure our intellegence people warned DC that there troubles coming, but DC decided not to listen. This admisistrationn is a public embarassment and the Muslim world knows it.

Old NFO said...

And they just hit the Embassy in Yemen...