Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My sister has been researching our ancestry and coming up with some interesting stuff.  The latest news from my family tree deals with my 5th-great grandfather, a guy named Joseph Broussard.

Born in Nova Scotia in 1702, he fought the English  and was present for several battles in Canada, and was put in prison for his efforts.  He got out of prison in time to participate in the Great Expulsion when the British threw the Acadians out of Canada.  He eventually washed ashore in south Louisiana, settling around St. Martinville.  During his exploits against the British, he adopted the nom-de-guerre Beau Soleil.

In Louisiana he was named as a militia captain of the unit Acadians of the Atakapas.  He died in 1765, at the age of 63.  Many of his descendants still live in Louisiana.  Evidently, I count as one of the multitude.

It is important that we remember these things.


Melissa said...

Really neat stuff! I looked at the Wikipedia link. Did you see you are related to Beyonce? Truly 7 degrees...

Anonymous said...

The further I delve into our ancestry, the more thankful I am. I also know that Mom and Papa truly meant it when they would say "there isn't anything you can't do. You come from great stock!!!" They meant it!