Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crybaby Mohammed

I see that the religion of the perpetually aggrieved continues to make noise about their pedophile prophet.  They were at the UN today asking that the body consider sanctions on blasphemy in light of the recent assaults on Mohammed.  Seriously.
As the U.N. General Assembly convenes this week in New York, several leaders of mostly Muslim nations are suggesting that the world body consider sanctions on blasphemy, amid widespread protests against an amateur movie that denigrates Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.
As I understand their complaint, any depiction of the Pedophile Prophet is blasphemous, so in light of their sensitivities, I offer Crybaby Mohammed.
What they have to understand is that we revile pedophiles, we revere women, and we will grind your sacred cows into hamburger. I've heard since 9/11 that the majority of Mohammedans are gracious, moderate, kind people.  In that case, it doesn't seem like a stretch for them to tell the radicals to "get over it".

Just for the record, that idiot preacher in Florida, whatsisname?  I deplore his tactics as well, but it's really time for the moderate Mohammedans to assert themselves before their religion's perpetual whining becomes a buzz-kill for everyone.


Anonymous said...

you r such a person who do not respect all religion u r not supposed make fun of prophet or draw his piczz it's against the islamic law.i will never forgive you.

Anonymous said...

Go to hell n eat ascaris n gutter worms

Anonymous said...

We spit on u,ur culture and ur thinking,u hell dweller

Adeeb alshareef said...

Do you think this is funny ??
This is the prophet of peace, the prophet of islam, the prophet of allah (the god)

You made a big mistake that you have to fix it

We love our prophet so we will not forgive you.

Anonymous said...

Years old and no supportive comments? Let me fix that right now!
Bravo, hilarious illustration and well done - From a red blooded American.