Monday, September 03, 2012

Disband the TSA

Given the fact that the TSA is as close as we can come to a government goon, they've expanded beyond their original commission, and they're inserting themselves into venues far beyond transportation, how long before we disband them.  Just pass legislation telling the country that the TSA no longer exists and tell everyone that works for the agency that they're now unemployed.  We'll still pay them for 99 weeks, but that's better than the alternative.  Let's just disband the TSA.  Entirely.

So you really want me to provide links?  Google is your friend.  Okay, just one.


Paul said...

Way past due.

Rivrdog said...

Best shovel-ready proposition the Gov't has going: disband the TSA and give that money to the National Guard in each place with an airport to be guarded.

The Nasty Guard has 11 years of knowing how to do it right, and remember, they DID it right for 6 months after 9-11-01, before the TSA could be put in.

All that National Guard money stays right there in the local economies.