Sunday, September 09, 2012

Tax Free Weekend

Every year, Louisiana sponsors a tax free weekend for hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports.  Basically, anything that a person might use during the hunting season is free from state and local sales taxes.  In my area, the sales tax is 9.5%, so the tax free weekend represents a fairly nice discount.

I needed a new deer feeder and I've been looking at the Moultrie Easy-Fill feeder for a deer stand I intend to construct in a few weeks.  So, today I hied myself to my local retailer and picked up a feeder.  Lots of folks buy big ticket items this weekend, and anything that might be used for hunting or fishing counts as tax free.  If I had needed a new four-wheeler, or a new rifle, this would be the weekend.  However, I'm happy to support my local retailer and I needed a new feeder, so that's what I purchased.  I'm happy to have it, the retailer is happy to have it out of inventory, and Louisiana is happy to support the 2nd Amendment.  It's a win-win for everybody.

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