Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Turkey Shoot

We finished the Turkey Shoot at the church today, and PawPaw never picked up a camera.  I was the rangemaster today and was preoccupied with such things as the Four Rules, making sure everyone was safe, and keeping the firing line moving.  However, some of the folks took pictures.

That's my grandson with the oversized muffs about to engage the target with his mother's .410 shotgun.  His dad is kneeling beside him coaching, and PawPaw is in the top corner, making sure that everything is safe.  Of the winners in the youth division, all three were PawPaw's grandsons and I feel pretty good about that.  In  the men's division, another grandson took a prize and in the women's division, my daughter-in-law took a prize with that same shotgun in the picture above.  The big winner in the women's division was a woman who hadn't picked up a shotgun in many years.  She shot her brother's Remington 1100 in .410 and she whacked the target pretty good.  Good enough to take home first prize, a big ole donated spiral cut ham.

Some of the shotguns leaning against a pine tree.  Many of those are family guns that we used as loaners for those folks who wanted to shoot, but didn't have a shotgun.  We had a very good time today, made a bunch of money for our Mission fund, and started what will probably be an annual tradition.

And, we got to shoot shotguns on the grounds of the church.  How cool is that?


Old NFO said...

Nice, but with all the 'family' winners, somebody is probably gonna say it was rigged...LOL Congrats on a great day!

Termite said...

The pulled pork sandwiches were great.
Thanks for a fun morning.

Pawpaw said...

Termite - we actually made more money on the pulled pork sandwiches than we made on the shooting. It just goes to show that good barbeque is an economic engine.