Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Morning

In another hour I'm going to pull my boots on and head toward the school house.  Tonight is our first home game of the football season, so I'll be totally engaged until the last car leaves the parking lot.  So, don't look for content here.  There's plenty of good content out there today.  The Godless Democrats finished their convention last night, and nominated another Godless Democrat to run against a good Mormon boy for President.  I understand that he gave a speech that could be best described as ... Meh! Jennifer Rubin may have a better take on it than I.
Seriously. Like an aging rock star, President Obama, in a downsized venue, with downsized proposal and spewing downsized rhetoric only reminded us how far he has fallen from the heady days of 2008. The man, the agenda and the aura are faint imitations of their 2008 incarnations. And most importantly, he put forth an agenda that was entirely, and obviously, lacking, one that didn’t begin to match the demands of our time.
So, just exactly what is the argument for re-electing him?

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Dave O. said...

Better the devil you know, maybe?