Friday, August 31, 2012


Back, starting about 1990 I dabbled with writing.  I've got rejection slips from some of the finer names in publishing, and eventually, Junior Doughty and I started a web magazine called The Frugal Outdoorsman.  I published over there for about five years and finally ran out of things to say.  One of the things I wrote was a poem, a take-off of Lindy Cooper's Seven Hundred Dollars and a .30-06.  I came from less affluent stock, so my poem was entitled Five Hunnerd Dollars and a Pump Shotgun.

Recently reader Joe Hecksel emailed me and asked that I post my poem on this blog.  Frankly, it's too long to post on a web log, but I did put it on my private server and anyone interested can click on the link below to view it, with my apologies and compliments to Lindy Cooper.  We miss your dad.

Five Hunnerd Dollars and a Pump Shotgun.


mostly cajun said...

I actually wrote Jeff Cooper for permission to post Lindy's poem on my blog. He wrote back, asked what a blog was, and gave me permission, over his signature. Unfortunately, I lost that document when my house burned.


Old NFO said...

Good one, and TRUE! :-)

MSgt B said...

Loved that poem.

I'm linking that. Everyone should get a chance to read it.