Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Milady told me yesterday that she thinks we're going to have a hard winter this year.  I'm not doubting, but I haven't seen any evidence at all.

Until just now.  I just saw a gaggle of about 15 Canada geese drop into our pond.  The third week of August is a little early to start the migration, yet I've got Canadas in the pond.

The National Weather Service gives no information on the matter.  I guess I should break out Old Richard's Almanac.


Old NFO said...

I wouldn't be surprised... sigh

Jester said...

I'm hearing them already. This cold snap I think we got is messing with them, but generally a cold snap in August leads to an early and hard winter.

Gerry N. said...

I live in the middle of the Puget Sound basin, I've heard the canada's going south for about a week now. It does seem a little bit early.

Gerry N.

Melissa said...

A hard winter + rising food prices = recipe for disaster

Anonymous said...

Barn swallows left here day before yesterday, about a week to 10 days earlier than usual. I DO hope we get some snow this winter, we need that deep soil moisture badly.