Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Morning

A gentle rain, a gentle breeze, and Isaac becomes a footnote in this area.  Maybe I'm mis-reading something but it seems that what fury it had was expended on the coast with little left for the interior.  Oh, it'll bring much needed rain and my ditches are running this morning but we've had worse from a typical summer thunderstorm.  It did give me the motivation to clean the back yard.  With grandkids scheduled to be here this weekend, that is a short-lived condition, but we've had not so much as a potted plant blow over.

Northern Mississippi seems to be getting the worst of it right now, and it would be improper to ignore the damage that's been done to the coastal areas, especially Plaquemine parish at the mouth of the Mississippi River.  Here in central Louisiana I'm sure that we had some limbs down, but at PawPaw's house, the lights didn't so much as flicker.

I've checked my answerting machines and the cell phone, all my email accounts.  No one has called me out, and the schools are closed today, so I'll putter around here today, probably spend some time at my work bench.  It seems that my biggest decision today might be what to cook for supper, and I'll take my cues from Milady.

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Old NFO said...

Glad y'all are okay, and Easter LA dn Western MS are getting hit HARD! The news is saying 25 inches of rain...