Friday, August 24, 2012

Shooting in Manhattan

Some guy went off on his former boss and shot him dead near the Empire State Building. 
A laid-off store worker returned to his old job near the Empire State Building and opened fire Friday on a former coworker, killing the employee and wounding several others.
But that's un-possible in mayor Bloomberg's New York, with it's strict gun laws. Ordinary citizens can't have guns, so this is blatantly un-possible. Fox News reports that police officers may have wounded some people as they opened fire on the gunman.
New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says at least nine people -- two women and seven men -- were injured in the incident, including bystanders caught in a crossfire as police shot and killed the gunman, identified as Jeffrey Johnson, 53.
That's just ignorant. Police officers shouldn't be shooting people who just happen to be on a street-corner. Especially in downtown New York. It will be interesting to see how many folks were injured by the shooter, and how many folks were injured by police bullets. Reports that I'm reading indicate that the shooter shot the fellow he was after, then turned and walked away. Police did all the other shooting. This is a debacle and Bloomberg is at the center of it. This won't stop him from calling for more gun control.


Old NFO said...

Rule 4, just sayin...

Dean said...

The early reports that I heard were that all the bystanders were shot by the police. 3 took actual rounds and the rest caught by fragments.