Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Lord Works

Sometime earlier this summer, our Pastor challenged us to show our talent, to work for the Glory of God.  One task, one talent, that would be dedicated to the greater glory of God.  I decided to hold a turkey shoot; an old-fashioned turkey shoot.  At the church. The proceeds to go into our mission fund.

No, we're not shooting at live turkeys, although one of the prizes is a frozen turkey.  We're shooting at paper targets.  With shotguns.  Bird shot.  

We set the date for September 22, the week before squirrel season opens, and as ours is a very rural congregation, we can hold the shoot on the church grounds.  As the date approaches, I've been doing my homework and I've gotten prizes donated for three divisions; mens, womens, and youth.  I've got my flyers designed and targets designed, I've even got the target holders built. 

What I didn't have was shotgun shells.  The best way to do a turkey shoot is to provide the shells, that keeps folks from gaming the results.  Bring your shotgun, but shoot our shells.  Your special, tricky-dicky reloads are not allowed.  If your shot gets closest to the mark, you'll win, but you'll shoot our shells.  So, I needed to buy a couple of cases of shotgun shells, target shells.  Low brass 8 shot, suitable for doves, skeet, and shooting on a church ground.   I've been casting about, looking for the best deal, and yesterday, it all came together.

My son called me yesterday.  There is a local gun shop having a severe problem with cash flow and the owner decided to hold a sale.  One heck of a sale.  I went over and he had nine boxes of 12 gauge left, and a case of 20 gauge.

That's nine boxes of 12 gauge and 10 boxes of 20 gauge.  For less than 60 US dollars.  Heck of a deal.  Better than I could have asked for.  I'll still need to pick up  some more 12 gauge, some 16 gauge and some .410.  I know that someone is going to drag up a 16 gauge, and the youths will be banging away with .410s, spending their daddy's money, and that's fine.  I want their daddy's money for our mission fund.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I am grateful for His efforts

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