Saturday, August 25, 2012

Watching Isaac

I bet that the Marines at Guantanamo are hunkered down this morning. Isaac is bearing down on Cuba and there will be wind and rain and crap blowing around.  It's gonna get nasty.  They're still not sure where it's going but that's to be expected.  Weather forecasting isn't an exact science, and although I'm convinced that the meteorologists do the best they can, they're still wrong enough  that they've earned the title Weather-Weenies.  Still, they try and they're the best we've got at this sort of thing.  The current map.

That's the five-day track and they're saying that it should minimally impact Cuba.  Still, the Marines are going to need their rain-gear handy.  They still expect it to slide up the western coast of Florida, citing concerns about steering troughs.   I do note with some relief that I"m not personally in the five-day cone and I'll take that as a blessing.

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Bob@thenest said...

Slightly west of Orlando here, so this one is a brain teaser for me. We shouldn't really get much, but...Battening down is kind of like engaging the cogs but not turning the wheel much. Watching it like a hawk though.