Sunday, August 26, 2012

Watching Isaac

Watching this morning's weather map for Isaac, I see that they've moved the track of the storm westward, having it now come ashore somewhere near Mobile, AL

That's interesting, although Florida will still get lots of wind, and the Republican National Convention, slated to start tomorrow in Tampa is all but postponed, Florida won't take the direct hit that the weather-weenies were predicting earlier this week.    Now, Mobile is in the spotlight.  It's important to remember that the science isn't settled and the computer models don't agree, and three days out this is all just a crapshoot.

At least one weather model has it coming ashore at the mouth of the Mississippi River, moving to New Orleans, stalling northwest of the city and dropping copious amounts of rainfall.

Wouldn't that be charming.  If I were a mayor of a major city on the Gulf Coast, I'd be dusting off the evacuation maps, getting the plans together, and keeping my staff close by.  Isaac's not done with us yet, not by a long shot.

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