Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Query me this

Why is it, if Roe v Wade is the law everywhere and the states can't overturn it, then why is Heller not the law everywhere and some folks say that they can make laws that affect the right to keep and bear arms?

Let me get a few things off my chest.

Gay marriage. My opinions have changed over the past several years and I've come to the conclusion that I don't care. Not one whit. It seems to me that the best way for the gay marriage proponents to gain the legal right to marry is to attack it on 9th and 14th amendment grounds. If I were pulling a lever in California next week over Proposition 8, I'd probably vote to allow gay marriage. I don't think it's going to affect me one whit, and if it makes someone happy, then why not? I see it as basically a privacy issue, and the Republic isn't going to come tumbling down if gays are allowed to marry.

Remember Joe the Plumber? Well, as soon as he asked Obama a question, folks were digging into his files looking for dirt. I understand that someone accessed criminal and driving records to discredit him. That's against the law as I understand it, and someone needs to go to jail over that. It ain't right and cops know that you can't access those files for political reasons. That's another privacy issue.

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be603 said...

Bein' here in the PRK and a proponent of 8 I'll just offer this $.02.

It isn't about Gays freedoms/rights. They've got it all covered under civil unions law in CA.

It's about the rights non-Gays have already lost in CA as a result of an activist court who overturned the will of the people in Prop 22.

Just one example...,
Check out what happened to Catholic Charities adoptions in MA. They're out of the adoption business now. Yep, the largest adoption agency in MA shutdown because they weren't allowed to follow their conscience as a church charity in what couples they approved for adoption.

Church's tax exempt status threatened if they read Romans Ch 1 and assent from the pulpit. Parents required already to attend counseling for their children to be readmitted to schools if they or their children object to CA Kindergarten and up Homosexual Ed in Public Schools; if those parents teach their kids homosexuality is not the normative human relationship.