Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pore ole Joe

Joe the Plumber doesn't have a plumbing license, and it's taken the media about 48 hours to make that fact a well-known item.
And the county Wurzelbacher and Newell live in, Lucas County, requires plumbers to have licenses, but neither is licensed there, said Cheryl Schimming of Lucas County Building Regulations, which handles plumber licenses in parts of the county outside Toledo.
It looks like he might be an out-of-work plumber until he gets his licensing issues straightened out.

They told me that when Bush was elected, folks who brought up inconvenient facts would be crushed, and they were right.


Anonymous said...

Joe's an apprentice working on his employer's licence under supervision.

I'm beginning to hate democraps instead of merely loathing them.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

Joe's only dream was to buy out his boss'es business and grow it himself for the benifit of his posterity.

Why would anyone be so mean as to want to wreck this dream by redistibuting his wealth, thus spoilng his life's work, so that worthless bums can freeload?

Shame! Shame! Shame!