Sunday, October 19, 2008

Washing machines

A month or so ago, our washing machine started leaking. I replaced the pump and fixed the leak. This morning, it wouldn't drain the water. I siphoned the water out, took it outside and took the pump off. It had seized. Damn, damn, double damn.

About that time, the kids came for lunch, and we fed children and played with the youngest grandchild. Here he is, playing with his uncle Barrett.

Milady and I decided to buy a new washing machine and after lunch, hied ourselves to Lowes, where she decided on a GE washer. We got it home and hooked it up. It didn't work. Specifically, the washer would fill and drain, but wouldn't agitate nor spin. I loaded it into the pickup truck and took it back to Lowe's where I had a conversation with the return desk and they decided that the best course of action was to pacify the irate customer who kept threatening to write nasty letters to the corporate office.

We returned from Lowe's with a Whirlpool. It is running as we speak. Now I have to finish uniforms for this week and to bed. It's been a long Sunday.


Anonymous said...

When an appliance like that doesn't work it is truly a pain in the nether region.

My wife and I made our first credit purchase as a married couple at the now defunct White Front Store in North Seattle. That was in 1968. Half of the GE washer-dryer combination we bought is still working perfectly. The dryer died ten years ago. We replaced it with the comparable model available at that time. Some times you win, sometimes not. I truly hope you never need to buy another washing machine.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! Just let this be your mantra this week: "Saturday I will be hunting in the woods. Saturday I will be hunting in the woods" See... aren't you feeling better already? :)

Love you, Franniedez

be603 said...

had the pump off my last week. wouldn't drain, just a hum from inside the cabinet. turned it round, found it was the pump humming. It had sucked a paper clip in somehow. Fortunately the pump worked fine again after pulling the clip out. Good thing too -- $114 for that pump.