Saturday, October 11, 2008

Inn the Mail

In the mail today, I got a feeler from the Brady Bunch. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. They want money from me.


Jim Brady got shot by John Hinkley, during an assassination attempt against President Reagan. I hate it for him, but none of the laws he's helped pass, or helped publicize, would have done one damn thing to keep John Hinkley from getting the gun he used to shoot at President Reagan. It's a shame, it's sad, and it's hard luck.

What Brady is pushing for in this mailer is money to fight the evil gunshow loophole. Let me tell you about the loophole. There ain't one. All dealers at a gun show have to subject sales to the NICS checks that they use at their home stores.

I've bought several guns a year over the past few years. Each time, I fill out a form 4473 and the dealer calls my information in. When the government tells them that he can proceed, the sale is then finalized. The same thing happens at gun shows.

The other thing that happens at gun shows, is that private individuals buy, sell, and swap firearms. Guys like me, who go to gun shows, might bring something to sell. Or, we might buy something from another patron. This is a private sale. Perfectly legal. Just as when jewelry is bought or sold at jewelry shows, or when cars are bought and sold at car shows. Perfectly innocent, perfectly legal, and not the government's business.

Indeed, the Brady Campaign is a private fund-raising organization that wants my money. In my opinion, they're misguided individuals who are trying to regulate my activities. Under the guise of trying to fight crime, they're trying to take away another privilege of a citizen. The attempt is despicable.

If Jim Brady really wanted to fight gun crime, he'd push for mandatory sentencing for people found guilty of gun violence. If Jim Brady really wanted to stem gun violence, he'd push for aggressive prosecution of people who use guns to commit crimes. Brady doesn't push for any of those things. He just wants to restrict my right to buy a gun at a gun show.

Oh, and he wants your money. Despicable.

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