Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting ready

Here in area 2 of Louisiana, the regular gun season starts Saturday morning, and I'm just about ready. Tonight I took out my hunting bag and made sure that I had the things I'll need Saturday morning.

There are some things I take to the woods anytime I'm hunting.

A GPS system.
A map
A good knife
A rifle
A fire starting system
A thermos for coffee.
Pogey bait. Snacks and such.

So, tonight, I got the bag out and made sure that I had things like fresh batteries and I rinsed the thermos that still smells of last year's coffee. Now that the bag is out, I'll probably tinker with it every night this week, doing things like sharpening the knife, making sure my hat gets in the truck along with my hunter's orange.

There is always a rifle that lives under the seat of the truck, a Winchester 94 along with a belt of ammo, but this year I'm going to hunt with the Savage 110 in .30-06. It's sighted, dependable, accurate, but I really should make sure it's oiled and in the truck. There's nothing worse than getting out of the truck and realizing that you've left the rifle at home.

The stand is ready and the feeder is working. I'm a lot more ready for this season than I've been the past several seasons.

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