Saturday, October 04, 2008

Satruday morning

I worked the Bolton game last night. Bolton lost to Winnfield, 28-8. My Bears break my heart.

Just after hurricane Gustav, which hammered a wide swath through Louisiana, my hunting buddy and brother-in-law told me that my deer stand, a tripod, had blown over. I've got to stand it up if I want to hunt out of it. That's not a big deal, but I've got to drive to LaSalle parish to do it, so the grandkids and I are heading that way in just a few minutes. We'll take a small shotgun, because squirrel season opened this morning.

Then, later today, I have to go vote against Rodney Alexander, that despicable human being. I swear, he is the worst example of a human ever to wear skin. The only thing I have is my vote, and I'm voting against him. He's going to win the election, and I know that, but I'm voting against him anyway. My only regret is that the Democrats didn't run a Blue Dog against him, so I could vote against Rodney twice. That would be truly satisfying.

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