Thursday, June 15, 2017


I learn this morning that the rifle used in the Scalise shooting was an SKS.  The SKS first came into general notice as a Chinese-made assauult rifle used by Viet forces during the Southeast Asia adventure of the 1960s.  It is a shoulder-fired, gas operated, magazine fed semiauto rifle that fires the 7.62x39 round made famous by the Com-bloc nations.

Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of these rifles were imported to the US after the Vietnam conflict.  I can recall seeing entire racks of SKS rifles in the local stores, selling for $89.00 each.   They were cheaply made, and not noted for stellar accuracy, but they are rugged, durable, and inexpensive.

But, it looks as if the initial reports of the left-wing, Bernie supporter using an AR variant are woefully incorrect.  He was shooting an SKS, a Com-bloc rifle.


Old 1811 said...

The first report I saw said it was a semiauto AK. Later in the day, it was an AR-15. Now it's an SKS.
By this afternoon, I expect it to be a Garand.

JimB said...

A Commie rifle foe a commie... How fitting

Anonymous said...

And there is no pistol grip, flash suppressor, folding stock, detachable mag, folding stock, or bayonet lug. And it only holds 10 rounds and has a wooden stock and forearm. Not a scary black rifle by any means and it certainly doesn't meet "their" definition of an "assault" rifle.