Thursday, June 29, 2017

Crime in the French Quater

It seems that our own Mogadishu-on-the-river is back in the news.  Crime has spiked in New Orleans and the city is unable to contain it.  As such, they've had to partner with the State Police to provide the necessary manpower.

There's lots more at this link, but it's shot through with auto-play so click it at your discretion
“We did talk about a long-term relationship, partnership and how the State Police could partner with the NOPD to provide safety and create new initiatives, whether it is in the French Quarter or anywhere else in the city where we can be partners to increase visibility, increase deterrence and try to apprehend some of these violent offenders that are committing crimes,” Harrison said.
We'll note for the record, that New Orleans has a long, sordid history of corrupt Democratic mayors and administrations.   The current mayor is no different.  He'd rather spend money taking down war monuments than in keeping his citizens safe from street crime.

I don't recommend that anyone go to New Orleans until the city gets its head out of its ass and provides the police presence necessary to adequately police the streets.

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Murphy's Law said...

This is why I bought the new .45 Shield. I live here and I will neither curtail my activities for fear of crime nor will I accept my fate as a submissive victim.