Sunday, June 04, 2017


It's an old, regional word, often used when referring to food. From the dictionary:
larruping adj Pronc-spp larapen, larepin, lar(ri)pin; for addit varr see quots
1  also tad-larruping; Esp of food: delicious, excellent; hence adv larruping extremely—usu in comb larruping good.
Often pronounced in the standard southern way, we lose the "g", pronouncing it larrupin'  it rhymes with terrapin.

At any rate, this morning, Belle and I awoke to a rainy day, and it looks as if the crew for lunch will be smaller than usual, so she decided to go with a perennial favorite.  Pork chops and ice.  We've talked about them before.

Of course, pork chops and rice wouldn't be a compete meal without purple hull peas, seasoned with tasso.  Oh, this is something special.

Of course, there will be cornbread.  She's already promised me cornbread.

Sunday lunch is going to be larrupin' good.


Old NFO said...

Enjoy! Nothing better than 'comfort' food on a rainy day!

juvat said...

First thing I thought when I read this was "Pork Chops and ice, I wonder why he puts Ice in it, to slow down the cooking and keep it moist?" So eagerly scanned forward to see the recipe. Went all in, hook line and sinker!