Saturday, June 10, 2017

CFDA Wax Bullets

There are five brands of wax bullets currently approved for use in a cfDA sanctioned shoot..

They are, from top to bottom (with links)

Blue, Bandit wax
Orange, CFDA wax
White C&R Wax
Red, Spitfire Wax
Purple, Royal Wax.

They are all approved for use, and they all have their differing compositions and strengths.  Sometimes, around the shade tents at a CFDA event, the various strengths and weaknesses of the bullets is a big a source of discussion as  the caliber discussions in a hunting camp.

My buddy, the Counselor, will be conducting some testing later this month.  He hosts The Firearm Patriot Channel on YouTube and it will be interesting to see what conclusions he draws.

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Old NFO said...

One wonders how much melting there is in the sun...