Saturday, June 17, 2017

New Leather

Youngest son came in yesterday to spend the weekend with family.  He brought a new holster design he's working on for my opinion.  He told me in advance that it's a new design, he had made it for his own use, and wondered what I thought about it.

It's a left-handed rig built on what I call the Mercicle pattern.  It's a high-ride fast draw holster that closely resemble the Mernicle CFD-1 holster.  But it has some design features that he put in.  We took it out back, to the wax bullet range and tried it out.  It's fast, very fast.

The leather-work is very well executed and the tooling is impeccable.  He cautioned me three or four times that this is HIS rig, so I wrote him a check for full retail and told him to make another, just like this one with the addition of a bullet deflector.  He's got a design for one of those that sounds very nice and he'll include it on my rig.

He lives in Baton Rouge and is starting to make custom leather items, to include belts, concealed carry holsters, and guitar straps.

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