Friday, June 02, 2017

Proof Of Concept

I want to build a portable range for Cowboy Fast Draw.  The requirements is that it be lightweight, easily assembled, and sturdy enough to support the backdrop material, and withstand normal breezes.

I've been looking at other ranges, and I've been doing some drawing, and this morning, I decided to try a proof-of-concept with PVC pipe.  Just down the road we've got a big plumbing distributor, so I took the tuck to see what I could come up iwth.

1" Schedule 40 PVC is a pretty good proving ground.

That's not the final design, but it got me to wonderin' and it got me to thinking.

That's not the final design, but it's got a lot of promise.


Old NFO said...

One target or two? Looks like it's about six feet wide. Does that give enough side backstop?

Michelle Bordelon said...

No, Jim, that's one lane at the minimum width.

It's a little wobbly, and I'm not completely happy with it. Again, this is just a first prototype. I'll get some expert opinion and rework it this week. I'm playing with some concepts in my head, and don't want to spend any more money until I "pick some brains", but I have only $20.00 tied up in this iteration.

John said...

PVC tends to flex, so consider using either a hybrid of electrician's metal tubing (EMT) and PVC or all EMT.
You are probably going to put weights on the feet in either case, so think about a simple string guy wire from either the weight or the foot that would go up to the top corner, get secured by using a clove hitch then down to the back weight.
Try adding a guy wire from opposite corner to opposite corner to cut down on racking movement.
If this works, then change to stainless braided wire, snap hooks and a few turnbuckles.

The guy wire system holds up a lot of antennas, and was and still is used on airplanes.

Michelle Bordelon said...

hahaha dad, log out and log back in. i wad on your computer yesterday. you posted that under my name!

Old NFO said...

Ah, understood..."Michelle" :-D