Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DNC Delegate Mary Bayer

The big news this morning coming out of the DNC Convention in Philly is the Project Veritas video of DNC Delegate Mary Bayer, who tells the camera that .  Well, lets go directly to the quote.
You have to take that sort of moderate, “We just wanna have commmon sense legislation so our children are safe!”
You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it.
The video has gone viral, it's all over YouTube and Facebook, and probably Twitter (I don't twitter).

Many of us have known it for decades, but when Democrats talk about "common sense legislation", what they want is an outright ban.

Thanks, Mary, for being so honest with us.  We've known this for decades, but we never thought that you'd actually say it. I understand that since Mary has taken a stand, she's telling the police that she's being harassed by reporters that want to delve more deeply into her new found celebrity.

Mary is revealed as being willing to disembowel the Second Amendment, and now that she's notorious, she's not terribly fond of the First Amendment either.  This shows how poorly Democrats stand on the Bill of Rights.  As despicable as Mary is, she's simply an unwitting pawn.  She believes this crap because she has no idea what essential liberty looks like.

She's given us an amazing gift, because in her mind, Common Sense Legislation = Total Gun Ban.

It's out in the open now, and we can use it at to our benefit.  Believe me, we'll be playing Mary's quote, over and over again.  As happy as we are with her brutal honesty, laid bare for the world to see, I an only assume that the gun banners consider her a pariah.  She placed truth on the lie of "common sense" for the whole world to see.

Thanks, Mary, now go crawl back under whichever rock you came out from.  You deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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