Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spoofing Them

My good friend, Delta Whiskey, is in Colorado at a shoot, and we find this little video on Facebook.  In Cowboy Fast Draw, we do Town Folk Alley's where we let spectators shoot, simply to get  feel for the game.  So, Delta simply walks up to the line, says he wants to shoot, and they strap him up.

His instructor,a member with the alias Manco, doesn't recognize Delta, and takes him through the process.  What Manco doesn't know, is that Delta Whiskey is a Texas State champion, and a Southern Territorials champion, and a very fast, accurate shooter.

I knew by the second shot that Delta Whiskey had slipped into the line.  I've seen his style plenty of times before.  Normally, just before he gives me an X.

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Old NFO said...

Now that is just plain funny! :-)