Friday, July 08, 2016

Still Watching Dallas

Not much news coming out.

CNN Says he's been identified as Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, TX and that law enforcement believes that he was the lone shooter.

They've given him three names, and identified him as the lone gunman.  Lots of irony there, excuse me if I'm being a bit cynical.

They blew him up with a bomb, which I think may be the first time that American law enforcement has sent an armed robot into a situation to detonate a bomb.  It's an inventive use of technology.

According to the Daily News, Johnson was an Army Reservist who served one tour in Afghanistan, and he used an SKS during his lethal rampage.  That's an interesting choice for a combat vet.


Bob said...

SKS is probably all he could afford in a man-killing caliber.

Joe Mama said...

As rational, thinking human beings we sometimes fail to comprehend that there are some events (and people) that are beyond logical understanding.

This is one of those events.

Part of me screams out at the Progressives: They think they are so "smart". They believe evolution, that the aggregate effect of brazillions of random chances purified by Darwinian survival can explain elephants and fruit flies. And Progressives deny that these same processes created the robust, just society that we used to live in. In their arrogance, they ripped apart society and crudely transplanted their cartoonish visions into what had been a well-tuned mechanism.

Then they swoon when it fails.