Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why We Think Trump Will Win

Interesting article over at The Atlantic.  The author, David Frum, claims that he's no Trump supporter, but he's been listening to Trump supporters, trying to figure out what they see.  It's an illuminating argument, and I'll give you a sample.
“Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to run up vote totals like you’ve never seen in places you’ve never been. Not just coal country, either. No, we don’t have what you’d call a proper campaign. What do we need it for? Campaigns spend most of their money on TV ads that do nothing except entertain you on YouTube on your lunch hour—oh, and pay huge commissions to the consultants who make them. It’s all a waste and rip-off. If our message is exciting, our voters will get to the polls on their own.
Or this:
 "You Acela people live in a beautiful country where everything works. You believe in institutions because they work for you. So it bothers you that Donald doesn’t seem to know what the OECD does or who’s in charge of the FDIC. But our people don’t believe in institutions any more. The institutions they do still care about—the military and the cops—you use for props when you need them, and as dumping grounds when you don’t. I noticed that when Tim Kaine took a bow for his son’s military service, he pointed out that he was a Marine—because we all know that what you’ve done to the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Yeah, they’re just as lethal as Obama and Hillary said. When you spend as much as the rest of the planet combined, you can make a lot of things go boom—even if the soldiers can’t do chin ups any more and the sailors get pregnant when they decide their tours of duty have gone on too long. And the cops! One minute you’re calling them murderers, the next you’re slobbering all over them. Our voters are cops. They know who’s on their side. Not you.
Go, as they say, and read the whole thing.  The link is here, and in the first sentence of the post.


Termite said...

What he wrote makes sense. That Donald Trump is the GOP's nominee is less a reflection of GOP voters, and more a message of: 'We tried to talk nicely to you, and you kept ignoring us. And we're sick of it.'

On the Dem side: The Sanders voters are pissed beyond belief. Some may still vote for Hilliary, but I suspect most will vote Green party, and some will vote for Trump.

I don't like all. I think he's a poor choice.

But Hillary is worse, in my opinion. I will NEVER forgive her for abandoning the personnel in Benghazi. SECSTATE is directly responsible for embassies and their security.

North Texan said...

I'll vote for Trump. He's a New York buisness man, and generally I think those are some of the lowest forms of life on the planet. However, he has done some really wonderful things for our returning troops and he hasn't spent the last 30-40 years in Washington as an elected official. There's no way he's going to be even close to as bad as the hag running against him.