Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Watching Grandkids II

We've basically just stayed around the house today.  Rode bicycles, swam in the pool, ate sandwiches for lunch.  It's interesting watching a kid put together his own sandwich, under safety supervision of course.

One wanted an old standby, peanut butter and jelly.

The other was more creative.  White bread, a slice of smoked turkey, shredded (not sliced) cheese, ketchup, no mayo, lettuce (no tomato) and a couple of olives on the side.  I'd have never have figured on the olives.

I asked what they wanted for supper, and they were unanimous.  Red Beans and Rice.  I had to go to the grocers anyway, so we picked up the fixings.  I cheated and used canned red beans, but the beans, some good sausage, onion and gravy are in the crock pot.  When Milady gets home, we'll still have plenty of time to make a pot of rice before supper.

Everything is proceeding according to plan.

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Alien said...

Might you have the recipe for that dish, as in what kind of sausage, how much of what, etc. ?