Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Butler Creek Mountain Sling

Some of you might recall that last year, shortly before getting in to Cowboy Fast Draw, I bought a Savage Scout rifle.  Old readers will know that I'm a fan of the Savage bolt rifles.  They're reliable, accurate, durable bolt action. magazine fed rifles priced popularly.  Fine rifles at a great price.

The one weakness I found in that rifle, right out of the box, was the carrying strap provided.   A simple piece of 1" nylon with an el-cheapo adjustment, it simply didn't fit the bill. It was simply too long, hard to adjust, and had the air of a piece of strap that Savage bought to put in a box.  I resolved to take that strap off the rifle and put it in a bottom drawer of my tool box.  It might be useful for something, but for riflery, it simply didn't fit the bill.

I also know that many people think that the only proper sling to put on a serious rifle is a Model 1907 sling for serious rifle work.  That's fine, and good leather is a joy, but I've never been trained on the 1907 sling.  I was taught riflery by the US Army in the mid '70s.  We didn't use 1907 slings.  I recall simple, cotton web straps.  Later, they became simple, nylon straps.  We learned to shoot quite well with them.

I also know that in this modern, tacti-cool age, lots of folks have invented alternate slings.  The Ching Sling, promoted by Gunsite Academy comes to mind.  There are also the single-point slings that were the rage a couple of years ago.  I have nothing against any of these devices, but little experience with them as well.  I do know how to use a conventional two-point strap.

A month or so ago, I was trolling through the sporting goods racks at a local box store, and came upon a nice, simple, nylon strap that seemed to be easily adjustable.  The placard said it was a Butler Creek Mountain Sling and the price was right.  Less than a good set of QD swivels, which were already attached.  I dropped it in the buggy and took it home.  Good, inexpensive straps are always a bargain.

I've installed it on the rifle, and adjusted it so that I can take a hasty sling.  This looks like it might be just the key to making this rifle complete.  Hopefully, next week I'll have the opportunity to get out and try it at the local range.

I'll keep you informed.

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Old NFO said...

Butler Creek stuff is usually pretty good!