Monday, June 13, 2016


I get home from running my errands, after two days of watching storm clouds scud past me, and I decided that I need to put some water in the swimming pool.  So, I stretch out the hose, get the water running, and boom

Yep, rain.  Today won't be wasted.  There are still guns to clean and laundry to do, so I'll let it rain while I stay inside and keep the dawg company.


Joe Mama said...

Send a little bit up this way. We could use about two inches delivered over 12 hours.

Hey, a fella can ask, can't he?

Suz said...

We hadn't had any rain here for almost a week and the gardens were looking peaked, so I threw the pump into the pond, and watered the back garden.

An hour later, the rain started pouring down. So I'll wait a day or so before watering the front garden. :)

Never fails. Doesn't matter what the weather guesser says, if I water, it will rain.


Old NFO said...

It rained about an hour here at lunch today...