Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I was pretty sure I knew what had happened in Benghazi, when Ambassador Stevens and his security staff were under attack.  Simply, Hillary let him swing in the wind, then lied to the American people about it.

Twitchy is reporting that the House Committee will release their report today, and they've gotten a look at part of it. The conclusions are damning.
According to NBC News, the rescue mission never got off the ground because State Department officials were arguing if the Marines should wear uniforms or not:
What?  Marines secure embassies, that's common knowledge.  It should come as no surprise, anywhere int he world, to have Marines on a State Department site.   But, it gets worse.
The Marines allegedly changed in and out of their uniforms 4 times as the debate — and the assault on the compound — raged on:
 What?  When the time comes to launch, it shouldn't matter if they're in dress blues, full battle-rattle, or bluejeans and tennis shoes.  A fight is a "come as you are" affair and when it's time to launch you go with what you've got.

Hillary couldn't make up her mind, and the mission degenerated into an obscene clusterfark.  Then, she lied about it to the American people.  This is just one more example of her unfitness to be the Commander in Chief.  But, in the end, this probably won't change anything.  Her supporters are by-and-large, so low-information that they will never hear of this.

Her supporters don't care.  Hillary Clinton should be wearing prison orange, for one of several derelictions concerning her tenure at Secretary of State.  Her activities on several different incidents border on treason and certainly fall into the realm of gross malfeasance.

The problem is that her supporters just don't care.


Judy said...

"Her activities...border on treason..."

You are too kind. Her activities are treasonous and have been for years. Richard Nixon was skewered for less.

Rivrdog said...

First thing that Hildebeestie did upon taking office was start to remove Marines, and she removed them first from the most critical embassies in the Middle East. I am convinced that Arab Spring was dreamed up in VJ's office, and carried out with the connivance of the President, SOSUS and the NSA. Maybe the CIA was used to recruit the Muslim Brotherhood.

After the USMC was removed from the embassies, the US contractors who replaced them (Blackwater, etc) were next on the chopping block, and Cli8nton required the Ambassadors to hire local talent, all of which was infiltrated with muslim extremists, of course.

I wouold say that there's an even chance that the siege of Benghazi was known while the extremists were planning it, and that it passed through Clinton's office.