Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Training Day

I got my training on this morning.  Every year, we have to re-qualify on several topics, as do all law enforcement agencies across the US.  Like many agencies in this computer era, we have training online that we can complete at our leisure, and our agency has embraced computer-oriented training.  Rather than sit through hours of classroom training,we can get it done online.  Most of our training is done over a computer these days, but there are several things where we still have to show up to show basic hand-on competence.

Today was defensive tactics, then First Aid/CPR/AED certification.  Tomorrow is firearms, where we burn the Sheriff's ammo.  Friday morning is driver training.  Easy-peasy, I've been doing this now for over thirty years.  The training changes from time to time, and while at the training site, I get to interact with my brethren who I don't see much during the year.

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