Saturday, June 11, 2016


Sufing around the Book of Face, I often look at a page, Traces of Texas, that features photos from Texas history.  Recently, they featured a photo from 1883.  I'll let the moderator tell you about it.
Every good Texan knows that Pecos, Texas is the site of the world's first rodeo, which was held on July 4, 1883. Well, Traces of Texas reader Trey Armstrong sent in this unbelievably great photo of one of the four contestants that day, Mr. Henry Slack. Prize money for the event totaled 25 dollars. I wonder what Mr. Slack would say regarding the bull-riding extravaganzas that go on today? He'd probably nod his head in approval, I'm thinking.
And, here's the photo:

Great photo, but what I was drawn to, if the holster.

That appears to be a double loop holster. The gun appears to be an Model 1873 Colt, but it's wearing two-piece grips.  How interesting is that?  And, of course, he's making no pretense at con concealment.

How cool is that?

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North Texan said...

Traces of Texas is a cool site. What I like, is no retention straps and how warm it is. Just dropped in there like keys or a knife into a pocket, and obviously carried everyday and everywhere.