Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Due Process

I covered this yesterday, but it's worth considering again.  The Democrats in the Senate came out on Monday against due process in chilling a constitutional right.  Allahpundit explains it better than I did.
The capper was Democrats voting en masse yesterday against John Cornyn’s bill that would have allowed the DOJ to block gun sales to someone on a terror watch list temporarily, with the feds able to make the ban permanent by going to court and proving that that person’s a threat. That was a compromise by the GOP; for all of the left’s rhetoric about Republican obstruction on guns, conservatives conceded that watch-listers should have their rights infringed despite not having been convicted of a crime. All they asked from Democrats was some due process. Democrats voted against the bill en masse.
Due Process is an idea enshrined in our Constitution, and Democrats voted en mass against it.  Representative Trey Gowdy lays out the hypocrisy of the administration, and Senate Democrats in this YouTube clip.

It's worth watching this government functionary sit speechless, clueless, when Gowdy asks her about due process.  This is a defining moment of the Obama administration.


Jerry The Geek said...

Rep. Gowdy is my youtube hero. Whether you agree with his politics or not, you cannot deny that he is a great showman.

JimB said...

Gowdy is one of the few who "gets it"