Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday Morning Dawg

There's been a lot of rain, overcast, thunder, all things that make the dog stick close to his people.  He hates stormy weather and if he thinks there is going to rumbling, he stays underfoot. which makes taking pictures problematic.

He's not really sure what's going on, so he stays close.


Old NFO said...

Funny how that happens... Otherwise they are 'ferocious'... :-)

Gerry N. said...

My dog likes thunder, lightning and big jets flying overhead, she runs out in the back yard and jumps up and snaps and barks. I wonder sometimes what she'd do if she caught a Boeing Dreamliner or a bolt of lightning. I seriously doubt she thinks about it. Watching her jump and snap at airlinere is pretty funny.

Gerry N.