Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loading in the Rain

It started raining today, when I was about halfway through my yard work, so I took that time to flatten the learning curve on the Lee Turret Press I bought recently.  I mounted the powder measure and the primer feed, then took out some bullets and started cranking on the handle.  The only real glitch was when I'd try to prime one of those verdamned .45 ACP brass that they're making with small primer pockets.  Once I figured out the glitch, my speed increased post-haste. 

I loaded 100 rounds of .45 ACP in about 45 minutes, and only quit when I ran out of the 100 pack of primers I had put in the primer feed.  This thing is going to increase my loading speed considerably.  I see now that I need a couple of extra turrets, at least one for .38 Special, and one for .44 magnum.  Adjusting dies is a pain the wazoo, and those turrets just snap in and out.

I should have bought one of these things years ago.


Termite said...

45acp brass that uses a small pistol primer? That's a new one on me.

I wonder what's the reason.

Old NFO said...

I hadn't noticed that either... Now I gotta go check... sigh

Skip said...

If you need an extra for parts or whatever, I'll ship you mine free.
POS, never could get primer feed right or trust the powder drop.
Takes me a while to load rounds with a Lee turret, but every round is inspected and perfect.

Pawpaw said...

Send it on, Skip. I have two sons that could use it.