Monday, June 24, 2013


The law blogs are reporting that the Supremes sent back the UT race case to the lower courts for a re-examination.  In short, they punted.  And, they punted with a 7-1 decision.  I'm sure that more agile minds will be talking about the decision, but to my simple-minded way of thinking, this is clearly a decision that they didn't want to make.  I really like the reasoning that Justice Ginsburg used.
Among constitutionally permissible options, I remain convinced, 'those that candidly disclose their consideration of race [are] preferable to those that conceal it.'"
So, if someone candidly admits they are prejudiced, that's better?  You really want to go with that?

Naah, they punted today.  Not that their is anything wrong with a punt on a football field.  It's third down and long, and you're close to your own red zone.  What'cha gonna do Coach?  Punting makes perfect sense.

But, we pay the Supremes to make decisions.  They still get to decide on same-sex marriage, and voting rights.  It looks to me like they need a better Coach.  Punting should be restricted to the football field.

One additional point.  My imaginary football coach doesn't get nine months to make a punt decision.  Evidently, the Supremes are under-worked and over budgeted.  In my way of thinking, the Roberts court is filled with generally worthless sonsofbitches that haven't read the Constitution, make up taxing schemes from whole cloth, and can't make a decision when called on to do something.  The whole bunch of them needs to get out of  their ivory towers and come see how the world lives.

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Gerry N. said...

Why couldn't Congress set it up so the black robes serve fifteen or twenty years then get to go get real jobs? No pension, no perks, no nothing. Just the pay they've already recieved.

And any sitting Justice who utters the words "Living Document" or anything construable to that effect in reference to The Constitution is hanged that day. It would sure clean up a lot of messes.