Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Salmon Croquettes

Digging around the larder, looking for supper, I spotted a can of Pink Salmon, packed fresh in Alaska 14.75 oz. Salmon Croquette! We haven't had those in a while.

Salmon Croquette

1 can Pink Salmon
1 roll Ritz crackers
1 egg
Vegetable oil

Crush the Ritz crackers in a large bowl. Add the canned salmon, juice and all. Crack an egg into the mixture and mix. When the mixture is thoroughly gooey, divide the mix into six portions, pat flat and fry in a skillet using vegetable oil. Makes six salmon patties.

Pictures you ask? Ha! Ain't none left. Milady and I had them with a baked potato. Milady took hers with a glass of wine, while I settled for a diet soda.


Gerry N. said...

When I was a widdle kid in the wilds of S.Dak. in the early 50's, that's how we had salmon most of the time. Mom just called 'em "Salmon Patties".
Canned salmon was cheap and we liked it. Mom fished out the bones she could and the skin she could and us kids fought over it. Anyway, I fix those quite often only with oatmeal instead of crackers. This is the first time I've heard 'em called Croquettes.

MSgt B said...

Definitely trying this one out.

El Capitan said...

I used to freak out over the bones when I was a young'un. Now I just welcome the extra calcium...

mostly cajun said...

didn't have Ritz crackers, so I used a stack of saltines. Chopped an onion fine. Added a dash of nouc mam because I wanted to, and salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Darned good. Mom used to make something like these when I was a kid. She didn't use nouc mam.


robert said...

Grandma used to save the bones for and I always ate them . I think that's why I have never had a broken bone . Mega calcium . And tasty .