Tuesday, January 10, 2012

About that Game

Alabama made a masterful performance, nearly perfect football. It was a matchup between two great teams, and Saban & Company had done their homework. Great game from an Alabama perspective.

LSU sucked from the get-go. Jefferson stunk up the field, and Lee rotted on the bench. The Honey Badger was impotent and toothless. Still, LSU is the SEC champion this year and they beat everyone that needed beating, including the teams in most of the Bowl games. Alabama ain't the SEC champs this year. Alabama won a bowl game, but they didn't win their division nor their conference.

I heard that the LSU team bus got stranded on the interstate today, heading back to Baton Rouge. Some wag had painted a 50 yard line across the interstate and LSU couldn't cross it.

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MSgt B said...

Great closing line!

I've got to look for a chance to use that one.