Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday afternoon

It's cold in Central Louisiana this afternoon, with the thermometer hovering around 60 degrees. A heavy shirt or light jacket feels good to me, Milady has broken out the winter wear. Overcast, with a light breeze.

For lunch I made an old favorite, mulligan stew. We had a few grandkids over for lunch, so right after church I got busy and made a mulligan in about an hour. It's an easy meal an the recipe is here. It's a winter favorite, designed for cool evenings and campfires. It works good on a household stove, but it really tastes better when you've got a little wood smoke in the roux.

That's an old photo, but it's the same pot and the same amount of stew. They ate it all, not even enough left for a quick supper-time snack. We'll have to think about the evening meal before long, and I believe Milady wants to fry some bacon and make BLTs. That sounds like a plan I can support.


Owen said...

next time i gets cold down here in new mexico i'm breaking this one out! thanks for the recipe pawpaw.

Rich Jordan said...

We realized that it was both too late to spend much time cooking, and that it had been too long since we had grilled cheese sandwiches made with buttered Innkeeper bread, and good tomato soup. Situation remedied. No leftovers here either!